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The Haunting is The Definition Of Trap Rock

A dark colored, fine grained, extrusive igneous Rock n' Roll from New York City, USA. A stone’s throw for a New Aesthetic, taking the best of hard rock elements and combining them with the needs of a modern youth and electronic vibes. 

Vocalist, Tom Opiela, creates an honest, punchy, and beautiful thematic performance with his writing; alluding to current trends, while balancing a good influence of early 90's-'00's Rock!

The "Core Four" of Tom, Colin, Craig and John, remind many industry folks of early Linkin Park; whereas the group holds strong to their loving rock roots, but amalgamates with the ever-changing music scene, offering a new flavor of the universal genre. Much like a new lava exits the core, flows, and eventually cools back into the earth, becoming a permanent part of the scene.

The Brooklyn group is creating a New Aesthetic and energy in their concert. You will sweat, you will thirst, you will jump, and you will most importantly, use your brain! 





3 A.M. DM

Crown The King




Press Quotes

The Haunting has a distinctive sound that sets them apart from much of what’s heard in the local music scene.
— Brian Matus - National Rock Review
A dynamic sound of electronic textures, heavy guitars, and an emotional voice.
— Mr. G - Cryptic Rock
Like a David Lynch movie these songs are interpretative, complex and don’t leave you with a comforting feeling when you are through.
— Matt Jensen - The Equal Ground


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